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Dollars and Cents...

February, 2013 

The reality of the extra costs for dining on demand is setting in.  The things like trays, plates, timers..the perm ware, smallwares and minor equipment needed for the program.    The skids of items started to arrive and, of course, we need someplace to store them until we do our official start up.
We are phasing our program in over 6 months. So we have twice the china and tray set ups as we would normally.  Our trayware cost from our current system to the new system is consistent which is good. But in our planning, we identified that we have $60,000 in china and reusable trayware items used each meal period in our largest facility.   I was amazed how many “little” things we needed for dining on demand.  To others looking to make this kind of change: plan accordingly.  
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