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Julia Child Remixed with Guns 'N Roses

Julia Child would have turned 100 soon, and there are all sorts of cool tributes going on. But I defy you to find a cooler one than this gem on Slate via Laughing Squid.

Highlights of Julia in the kitchen through the years set to the classic Guns 'N Roses tune, Sweet Child o' Mine, is just so badass that it almost brought a tear to my eye (I never cry at work, but I came close). It is just too good!

I can't say that Julia inspired me to cook (that was Alton Brown and this Mac 'n Cheese recipe), but I do have one really strong memory of watching Julia's show with my mom and my little brother Bobby years ago:

The episode we were watching featured a sous chef (?) or friend of Julia's (?) named Douglas (pronounced "Doog-LASSS").

They were making a bag made out of chocolate (this is kind of why I never felt compelled to try any of her recipes--they are so damn challenging!) Douglas had a surprise, though. He was going to put some flowers on top of the chocolate bag!

"Doog-LASSS, what are you doing in my azalea garden?" Julia asked in mock horror. We must've repeated that sentence a hundred times that afternoon, my mom, brother and me. And we still say it to this day! Happy Birthday, Julia!


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