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Moving Days...


January, 2013

The one thing that is really beginning to sink in with a 24 month project s that we we are going to have many, many moving days.  Our construction project is a series of domino shifts—as we open one area, we close another.  It also makes one very aware that, in kitchens, we manage to “collect” lots of stuff because we think we may need it someday.  
In a renovation project, you need to ask really hard questions about the stuff you keep.  Space is at a premium and we don’t have access to other storage areas. It’s a skill we are learning but even as we make the tough decisions as we move through the project , every time we move to a new area, we find more stuff to purge!   We have certainly learned now to have additional staff available (and, especially, people who are good at organizing!) on moving days to make the job easier.  
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