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Some Real Insight into Social Media Strategy

If you're like most onsite operators I've talked to, you've opened accounts with the leading social media sites and given some thought to how these digital applications might help you build your dining business or improve the way your organizations think about your department's services. But finding practical uses that generate real results isn't easy. Plenty of folks I know think most social media chatter hasn't gotten much beyond the stage of CB radio banter: "It's a Big 10-4, Out Your Back Door" but doesn't have much impact of daily sales or margins.

Still, most of us also sense there's something powerful going on here that would pay some big dividends if we could just figure out how to harness it. If you also fall into that category, you will be interested in the extensive article that appears in the September 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine: "We Navigate the Social Media Roadmap (sorta)".

This piece isn't going to take any uncertainty out of where your own social media strategy is going, but it will make you think about aspects of this technology that you haven't thought of before. And it's entertaining enough that you won't be bored. Check it out. 

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