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Topping the Dog

It’s a hot dog renaissance! This article from Nation’s Restaurant News,0  highlights ten amazing hot dogs, from The Bacon Lover (split and filled with cheese then wrapped in bacon, fried and topped with pimento cheese and grilled horse radish slaw) in Austin to Hawaii’s own Puka Dog, whose toppings include garlic-lemon sauce, lilikoi mustard and fresh tropical fruit relishes.

These ‘haute dogs’ owe a debt to the dressed-up burgers that have been appearing on menus for the past five years, says menu trend guru Nancy Kruse. “I think the extraordinary success of the new-age burger chain has caused chains and chefs to reconsider the hot dog and treat it the same way they do the burger, namely, as a carrier for a range of creative, premium toppings.”

Also, check out my article on what some onsite operators are doing to really put on the dog:

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