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150 best grilled cheese sandwiches

150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

By Alison Lewis Oct. 2012, Robert Rose Inc.

Not many people grow out of their love for grilled cheese sandwiches. They just add more complex ingredients to the comfort staple.

Many chefs add their own signature takes on the sandwich to their menus, wowing customers with goat cheese, Gouda, roast beef, grilled salmon, mangos and more.

This book will definitely encourage even more melty innovations. The Grilled Brie, Apple and Thyme sounds amazing, as does the Grilled Pimiento Cheese BLT. It turns out there’s a grilled cheese to fit every occasion. The book begins with a section called Breakfast and Brunch, featuring plenty of grab-and-go potential with items such as Muenster-Stuffed Raisin Bread and Chocolate Hazelnut-Stuffed French Toast. Appetizer, Meatless and Dessert sections offer more creative ideas.

With the all the Stilton, brie and figs featured in the book, it would be easy to use the book to tempt your sophisticated foodie adult diners, but there are plenty of grilled cheeses that kids would like, too: ham and cheese, lasagna and pizza styles.

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