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Book Review: An Apple a Day

Book Review: An Apple a Day

By Karen Berman and Melissa Petitto, Race Point Publishing, 2013

With all the hype surrounding ‘super foods,’ it seems like we sometimes forget about the good old apple. And that’s a mistake, because it’s one of the most versatile (not to mention all-American) fruits around.

An Apple a Day contains 365 recipes and fun facts, all showcasing the different flavors and textures apples can bring to the menu.

Seasonal ideas range from sweet to savory: paninis, slaws, tarts, cupcakes, risotto, chicken dishes and more. Cool combinations of flavors abound: from the well known tart apple and cheddar cheese combo to the inventive mix of sweet Honeycrisp apples, pretzel crisps, mozzarella and basil.

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