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Book Review: EATS: Enjoy All the Seconds

Book Review: EATS: Enjoy All the Seconds

By Mary Rolph Lamontagne, June 2013, Advantage Media Group

What can you do about food waste? It’s an important question for kitchen staff and also for the whole planet.

The new cookbook EATS addresses this problem in healthful and innovative ways.

Sectioned by vegetable color (dietitians will love this), the book offers first a basic recipe, like roasted red peppers.     

Then, the ingredient can go in a few different directions. In this case it’s Grilled Chicken with Red Bell Pepper Cream. When peppers are left over they can be part of Caper and Buffalo Mozzarella Bruschetta, or a Mediterranean lentil salad. A healthy way to look at making the most of great ingredients.

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