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Book Review: A Foodservice Energy Management Toolkit

Book Review: A Foodservice Energy Management Toolkit

From KCG Energy LLC, $599 (off the shelf)/$799 (custom) per kit

Here's a comprehensive toolkit you can use to launch that energy savings program you've wanted to start. Developed by an affiliate of Kilojolts Consulting Group, an energy management consulting firm specializing in energy cost reduction and efficiency solutions, the kit includes…

  • an Energy Handbook with step-by-step directions for implementing the program's simple energy saving tips
  • specialized software for tracking energy consumption in your facility and benchmarking it against others
  • employee communications materials
  • temperature gauges
  • audit sheets

The value of the toolkit is that it has done the groundwork for you, based on the experience of a consulting engineer with over 25 years of experience in the energy management field.

There are detailed sections on how to proceed with each step in your plan, from introducing it to your employees to tracking your results. You get stickers you can put up to serve as reminders (“Please Turn Off the Lights!” etc.), and even a guide that lists the places different warnings should be posted. Speaking of “posted,” full-size posters are also included.

For more information or to order, call (866) 670-5928 or go to

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