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The Healthy Voyager's Global Kitchen

The Healthy Voyager's Global Kitchen

(Fair Winds Press, 2012) by Carolyn Scott-Hamilton

Special diets and food intolerances are welcome on this tour of famous and favorite dishes from around the world. All the dishes are vegan in this new collection of world recipes, The Healthy Voyager's Global Kitchen. Symbols throughout the book note which recipes are gluten-free, soy-free, low fat, low glycemic, Kosher or raw.

While some vegans don't like to use fake meat or fake cheese, others find these meat alternatives to be a great way to create facsimiles of favorite dishes. This book is for the latter group, with vegan “chicken” cutlets and seitan “flank steak” abounding.

There are also plenty of clever uses of mushrooms and lentils to fill in where meat would traditionally dominate. Many recipes here have crossover potential (enticing enough to attract flexitarians). Ceviche from Latin America is made with mushrooms instead of seafood; a Cuban sandwich is made with “vegan roast pork” made from jackfruit, a great ingredient for vegan chefs; “Mom's Fried Chicken Dinner” uses pan-fried tofu steaks; a gyro uses thinly sliced seitan.

This book could serve as a good book to have on hand when special diet accommodations are needed for ethnic menus or promotions.

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