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The Porter Principles

The Porter Principles

As "social architects" and key creators of student culture, dining directors need to focus their strategies on more than just serving great food.

Formally, Porter is president and CEO of Porter Khouw Consulting, a well-known foodservice consultancy serving the higher education market.

In fact, though, Porter prefers the title “social architect,” a mantle he wears ably in his book. Arguing that dining directors are key student culture creators, he outlines a series of strategies he says will allow colleges to “recruit and retain more students and alumni and save millions on dining.”  He is also an outspoken champion of self-ops and critic of the outsourced model, pulling no punches in expressing his views in this area.

Porter walks readers through the key steps he says will improve a dining program, using plenty of real-world examples. There’s even a helpful “Top 10 Keys to Selling More Meal Plans” at the end.

The book is available in paperback and as an e-book from Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

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