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10 technology solutions to help food service operators deal with coronavirus

Here are 10 recent Food Management articles featuring technology solutions ranging from mobile ordering and delivery robots to video chef demos and sophisticated sanitation tools.

Since the emergence of the coronavirus in March 2020, the onsite food service industry has faced the challenge of continuing to serve customers while keeping its own employees as safe as possible. This has meant not only altering operational practices, service models and—in most cases—menus, but also looking at technology-based alternatives that previously may have been seen as too exotic, untested or impractical.

In the past four months, Food Management has seen a number of stories highlighting various technology solutions—or potential solutions—to the challenges posed by the impact of coronavirus on operations going forth as schools, colleges, businesses and entertainment venues begin to reopen with necessary restrictions, while healthcare and senior service facilities remain open but under radically changed circumstances.

Here is a roundup of some of the tech-focused stories we’ve run over this period that may help readers as they contemplate how to go forward in the COVID era.

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