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Chef hits ground running at Sam’s Club HQ

A behind-the-scenes look at the new menus and concepts in the whirlwind first 30 days as Danny Concepcion rolls out his playbook for corporate dining.

We’ve all started new jobs eager to make a good impression. What we haven’t all done is set up an authentic pho bar, constructed a donut wall, whipped up octopus tacos from scratch, bruléed bananas and smoked bacon in-house. As the new executive chef at Table 29 inside the Sam’s Club Home Office in Bentonville, Ark., Daniel Concepcion has done all that and more, creating all-new menus and concepts for about 1,500 Sam’s Club employees five days a week. He has a drive to constantly stay relevant and not take his “captive audience” for granted. “There really is so much that’s happened in the first 30 days,” he says.

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