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FM On Demand with Tara Fitzpatrick: ADC’s corporate chef takes care of business (dining)

B&I has had turbulent ups and downs throughout the pandemic. American Dining Creations’ Chef Jon Pye has been adapting and innovating around work-from-home/hybrid workplaces.


Tuesdays through Thursdays are the best bet for business dining. That’s just one little nugget of B&I intel Jon Pye shared with us in the latest podcast. We talk about what corporate dining looks like now and how Pye sees it shaping up for the rest of the year, as new accounts open for American Dining Creations across the country. “It used to be, ‘What’s tomorrow going to bring?’ and we’d look at the weather [i.e. more business diners would stay in for lunch when it’s raining], but the way things are now, there’s just no way to forecast it.” Pye has been keeping up with changing times and labor costs with menus that do more with less, and pop-ups and limited-time offers that keep things interesting in a B&I setting.  Also, since Pye is from England, we get into many questions about the food culture, the colonialism that brought curry mania and dishes that confuse us, including toad in a hole!

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