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Top 10 business and industry food service stories of 2021

The year’s top B&I stories include service innovations operators are undertaking to meet the emerging workplace environment

The past year gave clear indications that the typical corporate office is evolving away from the 5-day/8-hour schedule that had pretty much been the norm for decades into a much more flexible one in the wake of the COVID pandemic’s consequences. For corporate dining operators, this means more of a long-term change in how they do business than for any other onside segment because it requires them to shift energies away from mass feeding venues like the traditional “company cafeteria” to a more scattered model that reaches a smaller onsite population over more hours and at more service points.

The year saw the industry grappling with this emerging trend, testing various innovations designed to reach customers in this new environment in ways that maintain product quality and choice with acceptable financials.

Here are 10 stories from 2021 dealing with corporate dining trends and solutions.

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