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Top 10 business and industry food service stories of 2022

The year’s top B&I stories tracked how the corporate dining market coped with major shifts in workplace trends.

It’s clear that the corporate dining market is in the midst of a major rethink as the traditional 5-day-a-week/8-hour-a-day routine is giving way to a much more flexible—and somewhat less populated—future with the growth of flexible, hybrid and remote work schedules in many white collar industries that previously presented large, reliable customer counts to their onsite dining programs. Forward-looking companies are beginning to adapt to this new paradigm by reducing or even eliminating office space and redesigning what real estate remains to be more amenable to the socialization and collaborative work that employees coming to offices only occasionally prefer.

This emerging workplace culture presents challenges as well as opportunities for in-house dining operators as food and beverage related services are a key ingredient in attracting staff back to offices even as the number of potential customers available on any given day shrinks and the advantages that the economies of scale associated with volume feeding operations like the traditional corporate cafeteria diminish.

Here are 10 FM stories from the past year focusing on the corporate dining market…

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