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Chefs to Watch: American Dining Creations’ Chef Donn Souliyadeth keeps SUNY Broome ahead of trends

Researching and introducing cool menu items like birria is just one example of the way this chef leads with creativity at the forefront.


American Dining Creations (ADC) as a company puts a high value on getting ahead of food trends before you see them everywhere. That’s the case with birria, the Mexican stew that turns tacos and quesadillas into a whole new experience. ADC Executive Chef Donn Souliyadeth noticed birria trending on the East Coast and took a deep dive into techniques and different spins, creating a cool option that drove students wild.

Souliyadeth worked with members of ADC’s marketing team and corporate R&D team to get the birria concept going, perfecting braised meat recipes for beef, chicken and vegetarian birria and then building digital marketing buzz with videos for social media. It turned into one of the most successful concepts ADC has rolled out.

He shares with us some of his methodology and talks about getting his start as a chef. He’s got advice for campus culinarians in the months to come, and fresh ideas galore.

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