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Chefs to Watch: Eurest B&I chef mixes business with barbecue

Chef David Peterson is totally at one with the zen of Texas barbecue, blessing corporate events with the gift of smoke, brisket, pulled pork and ALL the sides.


Heartfelt opinions about barbecue sometimes ask the barbecue fan to choose sides. Brisket or pulled pork? Post oak or hickory? Logs or pellets? Automated or stay-up-all-night? Baked beans or slow-simmered greens? Vinegar or mustard? Thankfully, nobody said you must choose favorites. Just enjoy them all!

That’s definitely true for Texas-based Eurest Regional Chef David Peterson and Eurest’s Live Feed BBQ concept. Peterson refuses to choose a favorite barbecue side dish, as to “not hurt the other side dishes’ feelings.” That kind of passion for food comes really shines through with Peterson, who travels with “The Beast,” a huge smoker, to corporate B&I accounts, sharing the Texas traditions of rubs, cuts of meat, post oak, sauces, sides and so much more.

Peterson talks about his current barbecue obsessions, his new favorite local barbecue place, the people who custom make his smokers, what it takes to barbecue for thousands of guests at a time, and what the coming months could look like for corporate catering.  

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