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Chefs to Watch: How UNC Health’s Mike Teasley is nourishing his customers and team

As a healthcare worker during a global pandemic, Executive Chef Mike Teasley offers nourishment in the forms of food and also a listening ear for his own team during this challenging time that’s testing the endurance of everyone.


Chefs to Watch is a series of video interview with onsite chefs who are making their mark with a unique perspective, fascinating food and more. The chefs in this program are standing out with not just culinary skills, but creativity in hospitality as a whole.

Mike Teasley, executive chef at UNC Health in Chapel Hill, N.C., loves to hear one comment above all others: “I can’t believe this is hospital food!” That’s the legacy he’s continuing, one of culinary excellence put into place—and perpetuated—by Teasley’s boss, Jim McGrody.

McGrody’s tendency to “take people out of their comfort zones” and throw challenges out there has made the difference when it comes to the “hospital food” at UNC that many find unbelievable.

Teasley has been overseeing patient menus and retail menus, and with a cool new passport series, he’s highlighting international dishes and crossing over some items in order for patients to be able to participate, too.

We talk about gumbo and other super flavorful comfort foods from around the world, plus the ways Teasley has found to keep his team inspired and heard while they navigate through the various changes and challenges of the ongoing pandemic.

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