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Chefs to Watch: Massachusetts senior dining chef

Chef James Pijewski of Youville Place Assisted Living


FM’s latest Chef to Watch in the senior dining field is James Pijewski, whose first job was actually at a nursing home. Between then and now he’s worked in restaurant kitchens and sharpened his culinary (and leadership) skill set.

This past year and a half has been tough for residents at assisted living communities—in many cases, the pandemic has kept seniors separated from family and friends. This is where the staff can really shine at facilities like Youville Place.

Beyond the pandemic, Pijewski is focused on helping seniors live their happiest, healthiest lives. He’s overseeing the front of the house and the back of the house and this small team is making it happen, from the return to dining room meals to more activities to happy hours and new menu items. We also talk about what the future of senior dining might look like—i.e. when will chicken nuggets replace Salisbury steak as the favorite dish? We cover other topics, too, and find that Pijewski is full of life, fun and passion for this craft.


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