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Chefs to Watch: Mayo Clinic’s Morrison Healthcare chefs connect with community in new ways

Chefs Nathalie Etienne and Cesar Santiago turned a farmer’s market stall into a powerful recruitment tool, all while chopping and chatting with home cooks who need a nudge into working with fresh veggies.


This Chefs to Watch is special—you are getting two for the price of one! We got to talk with Morrison Healthcare Chefs Nathalie Etienne and Cesar Santiago of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and the teamwork between these two is inspiring.

At a local farmer’s market, Etienne and Santiago created some amazing dishes uses produce from the market, which attracted attention of curious home cooks and—bonus—people interested in learning more about employment with Morrison Healthcare.

The two chefs have a few things in common, both having journeyed a long way from where they grew up. Etienne is from Haiti and Santiago is from Mexico, so the snowy winters of Minnesota have taken a bit of getting used to, but they both fondly remember the first time they saw snow in real life.

Another common thread: Both spent early parts of their careers working in hotels with Marriott, where they sharpened their skills for the work they’re doing today: Helping to keep this whole community healthy through the power of food as medicine. Check out what this cool duo has planned for the fall (hint: both are experiencing extreme pumpkin spice fatigue!)

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