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Chefs to Watch: Morehead State University’s Aramark Sous Chef Brittani Ratcliff takes Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ by storm on TV, does the same in real life

Brittani Ratcliff filmed ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ long before the pandemic, but the experience tuned up her classic culinary skills and her ability to keep cool under pressure, and do it with panache.


Chefs to Watch is a series of video interview with onsite chefs who are making their mark with a unique perspective, fascinating food and more. The chefs in this program are standing out with not just culinary skills, but creativity in hospitality as a whole.

Brittani Ratcliff is used to getting this question: “What’s Gordon Ramsay really like?” She says at times the experience seems like “Did that really happen?”—especially now, as her season, Season 19, of the competition show ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ is airing.

In spite of the competitive nature of the show, Ratcliff made new friends there and vowed to work together instead of tearing each other down. Now, she’s back at Morehead State University at sous chef, and still facing challenges.

Just recently, Ratcliff and the Aramark team there found themselves without power during the wild winter storms. That challenge, along with college dining during a pandemic, finds Ratcliff confident and unruffled. She shares some of her story with us, including exciting future plans: she recently got engaged, and is thinking of becoming a chef-farmer with a bunch of acres.

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