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Chefs to Watch: Morrison Living’s Adam Grafton is training for retaining in senior dining

As VP of Culinary for Morrison Living, Grafton is tending to the talent—retaining employees and lifting them up at the same time.


Mentors have never been so important in senior dining culinary operations. As employee turnover remains an ongoing challenge and identifying ways to recruit and retain employees is critical to an organization’s success. Specifically for senior dining, turnover rates are exceeding 33%, according to Argentum’s 2020 Workforce Trends Report.

In response, Morrison Living’s culinary team has beefed up training tactics: A partnership with the Culinary Institute of America and a new, clear-cut training program that builds skills—and confidence—for hourly employees looking for more, and chefs looking to advance higher.

As VP of Culinary for Morrison Living, Chef Adam Grafton is well aware of the challenges, and he’s making a point to lift up culinarians in the senior dining world. He talks to us about not just why this is so important, but how it works. In its first year, this program is training 16 mentors and 115 students. Grafton tells us how it’s going and where it’s headed.

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