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Columbia Seeks to Put the Lid on Nutella-Gate

Columbia University has clarified the facts surrounding reports that students have stolen thousands of dollars worth of Nutella spread from its dining halls.

Columbia University officials have denied reports claiming that the school's dining halls were losing $5,000 a week due to student pilferage of the popular spread product Nutella. The figure, originally cited in a March 5 story in the Columbia Spectator campus paper, grew legs when it was picked up by the mainstream press, including the New York Times and UPI. The school says in a news release that in the first three to four days after Nutella was added to the dining hall menu, "demand was extraordinarily high, with students enjoying a large amount in that short initial period." However, the actual cost was only around $2,500, and that quickly dropped to $450 a week for three campus dining halls that serve some 3,600 students seven days a week.

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