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East Coast University Dining Services Cope With Sandy

From limited hours to provisions for power loss and providing in-dorm meals in advance of the storms, East Coast Colleges prepare for a megastorm.

A growing number of East Coast colleges and universities have cancelled classes for Monday and Tuesday, October 29 and 30 in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy, but campus dining services at the institutions must still make provision for feeding resident students. Here is a short roundup...

The University of Maryland has adjusted dining center hours in a way that differ from its usual inclement weather policies.

Johns Hopkins University has announced that its dining center "will be open until the storm gets to a point that it’s unsafe to be outside…Services that are essential, including food services, will go on as long as possible. That will be true for as long as conditions allow,” according to a statement from the school's communications office.

Elizabethtown College posted two different dining schedules depending on whether electric power is on or off during the storm.

Washington College closed its dining services for Monday, but provided students with food and drink supplies like bottled water, cereals, granola bars, fresh-cut fruit, whole fruit and deli sandwiches on Sunday afternoon to use while they stay inside their residence halls. The dining services are slated to re-open Tuesday with a brunch at 10:30 a.m. if conditions permit.

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