Gallery: The NACUFS 2013 Culinary Challenge

The ingredient was duck and the pressure was on at this year’s NACUFS Culinary Challenge. Judges kept a careful watch as the six chefs demonstrated their knife skills, kitchen habits and more. Their dishes were tasted and judged to some very high standards.

Bryce Benes of Orange Coast College, representing the Pacific Region, won first place and an ACF gold medal with Duo of Duck: Crispy Pan Seared Breast with Red Wine Gastrique/Cassoulet Style Confit.

From the Continental Region, Peter Testory of Colorado State University prepared for the judges Pan-Seared and Pressure Braised Duck with Potato and Turnip Latke.

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From the Mid-Atlantic Region, Donald Stauffer of the University of Pennsylvania made Thai Red Curry Duck.

From the Midwest Region, Jeremy Elmore of the University of Missouri prepared Coffee-Rubbed Duck Breast and Braised Thigh with Spinach Gnocchi de Parisienne and Batonnet Carrots. Elmore was supported by the loudest cheering section, proud members of his team from Mizzou.

From the Northeast Region, Cyril Ortigosa-Liaz of Yale University made Tellicherry Pepper Duck Breast with Kiln-Dried Cherries and Garden Vegetables.

From the Southern Region, Brian Hancock of Georgia Southern University prepared Seared Duck Breast with Chantarelles, Braised Duck with Herbed Gnocchi, Crispy Duck Skin Salad.

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