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Northeastern Relaunches Its Food Truck With New Menu

Northeastern University Dining Services is relaunching its food truck, which first arrived on campus last fall, with a new internationally inspired exterior and a revamped menu shaped by input from student diners.

The truck’s name, Hungry Hungry Husky (H3 for short), is based on the children’s game “Hungry Hungry Hippo” and it adorns both sides of the vehicle, along with the official “H3” logo in a shade of aqua blue. The signature element of the design is a bow to Northeastern’s stature as a global university: the word “Hungry” is written out in 15 languages (English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Finnish, Arabic, German, Hindi, Swahili, Hebrew, and Portuguese).

The new menu includes items specifically requested by students, such as an all-new buffalo chicken sandwich and a macaroni and cheese sandwich, a popular item that was previously available only on Fridays. Other lunchtime items include adobe and Thai-inspired tacos; chicken, beef and shrimp flavored rice bowls; hot dogs; falafel; and four French fry options. The late-night menu includes chicken tenders, chicken wings, a breakfast wrap with eggs, bacon, peppers and onions, and both beef and veggie burgers.

The truck offers lunchtime options to customers in the school's Snell Quad who want to avoid the crowds in the Curry Student Center. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, it will migrate to Centennial Common.

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