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Smith College to Serve Presidential Favorites on Election Day

Smith College Will Serve a Menu of Presidential Favorite Foods on Election Day.

On national Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6, Smith College Dining Services will remind students to get out and vote by serving up a special menu of presidential favorites. At lunchtime, student dining room menus will recognize President Barack Obama by offering his favorite chili recipe. “Barack has been known to brag about his chili,” according to an article in the "Huffington Post," which linked to the chili recipe that Obama once provided to "Good Morning America."

At dinner, students can dip into a bowl full of John F. Kennedy’s New England clam chowder or chomp into Franklin D. Roosevelt’s mini ballpark franks, which he had served to King George VI during his visit to the White House in 1939.

Diners will also have the option of pairing Bill Clinton’s indulgence—a cheeseburger—with a side of Jimmy Carter’s sweet potato fries. Clinton’s favorite burger while in office was, specifically, the McDonald’s Big Mac. During one of his regular jogs through Washington, D.C., Clinton—complete with his Secret Service entourage—famously stopped at a McDonald’s to grab a snack of his favorite burger. The detour was later mocked on a 1992 episode of "Saturday Night Live."

On the sweeter side, students will be able to indulge in Richard Nixon’s pineapple chunks, reportedly his last meal at the White House before he resigned. Or they will be able to select ice cream, which was made popular at the White House during James Madison’s tenure.

Snacking items will include Andrew Jackson’s popcorn—always served at White House parties during his era—and Ronald Reagan’s jelly beans. According to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Reagan began eating “pectin” jelly beans made by Herman Goelitz Candy Co. in order to help him give up a pipe-smoking habit soon after he became governor of California in 1967. When Herman Goelitz’s Jelly Bellies first appeared on the market in 1976, Reagan quickly switched to them. His favorite flavor was licorice.

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