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Vietnamese Che Bau Mau

Vietnamese Che Bau Mau

YIELD: 14 (6 oz.) servings

14 oz. simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water boiled to dissolve sugar)
14 oz. coconut milk
8 oz. sugar
1.25    oz. gelatin
½ tsp. green food coloring
1 qt. hot water
14 oz. red bean paste with whole beans

1.    Bloom gelatin (5 parts gelatin-1 part water). Add sugar, green food coloring and bloomed gelatin to hot water, whisk until sugar and gelatin is melted/dissolved.
2.    Pour into 200 pan, place in walk-in until set.
3.    Combine coconut milk and simple syrup.
4.    Cut the gelatin into 2” long strips.
5.    Place 1 oz. (#30 scoop) bean paste into a martini glass, top with 3 oz. gelatin strips and pour coconut syrup on top to finish.

Photo: Stephanie Snipes, Felicia Caldwell, UCLA
Food styling and recipe: Executive Pastry Chef Anthony Nigro, Assistant Pastry Chef James Brannon, UCLA

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