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10 biggest college dining stories of 2020

From coronavirus reopening plans to grab-and-go meal development, these were the 10 biggest stories in college dining for the year.

In many cases, college dining programs spent 2020 attempting to determine what a college dining program was when students weren’t on campus—or the number of students on campus was severely limited.

Dining services programs at universities pride themselves on being a community builder and gathering point for campus. But when the coronavirus pandemic hit in March, many were left trying to determine how exactly to do that while keeping students and employees safe.

2020 is a tale of two semesters—one before spring break and one after. When students left for spring break, many didn’t return again until the fall, if even then. Dining directors went into overdrive finding solutions for feeding students who couldn’t go home (in the spring) or those who were quarantined due to COVID exposure (from spring until current days).

Delivery options, including the introduction of delivery robots, were enacted or expanded on many college dining programs. And grab and go become to go-to meal option.

In the top 10 stories for college dining programs, you’ll see how chefs did menu development in a to-go world, while keeping up all the demands of college-aged diners.

We also learned about how colleges reopened, not just once but twice in the spring and also the fall. Here are the year’s biggest stories in college dining.

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