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The 16 winningest college menu items of 2020

Instead of our annual College Menu Playoff bracket-style competition, we’re celebrating the amazing culinary feats these college dining teams accomplish all year long.

Plans change! It’s safe to say just about everyone is discovering that to be true in light of the novel coronavirus pandemic. With so many college campuses shut down right now, like just about everyone else, Food Management has had to adjust our plans.

One of FM’s favorite times of the year is our bracket-style competition, College Menu Playoff. This year, everything changed abruptly as we recruited our “players,” the dining service teams at great basketball schools. When basketball tournaments and college classes were canceled, we knew for sure we’d have to pivot our plan for College Menu Playoff this year.

College dining teams are some of the hardest-working in the restaurant industry, and some of the hardest-hit right now, so we’ve turned our menu item competition into a celebration of the amazing culinary feats these college dining pros accomplish all year long. So please click through and enjoy these menu items and we hope all the fun, inventive and wow-worthy menu items will be a welcome distraction during these trying times!

(If you’re wondering how we picked the “players,” these were the highest ranked basketball teams in the NCAA and would have been part of the tournament.)


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