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7 easy-to-digest bites of plant-based menu change

Customers are thinking of their health and the planet’s health when they dine. Foodservice pros can play a huge role in making it delicious. Here are some easily digestible plant-based idea starters.

We’re in the middle of a plant-based revolution. Or perhaps it’s more like an evolution, changing as mealtimes tick by. Customers know more than ever about how their choices can affect everything from climate change to animal welfare to their own health.

No matter the motivation, it’s hard to deny that plant-based eating is shaping up to be more than the latest diet craze or fad. Having lived through tons of fads and food trends, many chefs and foodservice operators are recognizing that there’s something different about the plant-based shift.

It’s more inclusive, for one—with people identifying more as “flexitarian” or “reducetarian” (eating less meat)—and more delicious, by far, especially compared to days of yore when a plant-forward option meant boring tofu or a plain salad. When chefs plan menus, they’re moving away from starting with an animal-based protein. And when guests choose a plant-based entrée it’s probably because it looks super appealing. Check out a sampler of plant-based ideas for your own inspiration.

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