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Aladdin Campus Dining Fuels student athletes and other active individuals

Fueled by BeWell participants receive tools and resources like education materials, BeWell Menu options, team sports presentations and individualized nutrition plans using recipes through BeWell for pre-and post-game performance.

Management company Aladdin Campus Dining has introduced a new value-added sports nutrition program called Fueled by BeWell that was developed by a team of registered dietitian nutritionists to enhance optimal nutrition for peak performance for both student athletes and any other active individuals. Participants receive tools and resources such as education materials, BeWell Menu options, team sports presentations and individualized nutrition plans using recipes through BeWell for pre-and post-game performance, and overall support by Aladdin’s team of registered dietitian nutritionists.

“We are extremely excited to use Fueled to educate our students on sports nutrition and share all of the resources it has to offer,” says Aladdin Corporate Wellness Dietitian Kayleigh Jackson, RDN, LD “I believe introducing students to various nutritious foods now at their stage of life, will benefit them as they continue in their education and career journeys. Helping students make the connection between the nutritious food they eat, and how it can have a direct, positive affect on them before, during and after their activity of choice is awesome. Our team is excited to introduce Fueled at more schools and support all of our students!”.

The dietitians recently collaborated with the athletic director at Fontbonne University in St. Louis on ideas of how to best nourish athletes, from customized-built training tables and pre-game dinners to To-Go boxed lunches from which athletes can select from choices like a pesto chicken sandwich on wheat, turkey and Swiss cheese with blueberry sauce to a Greek chicken quinoa bowl.

The dining team at Columbia College in Missouri is also using Fueled BeWell menu options on the salad bar to encourage its student body, 75% of whom are athletes, to eat healthier. The team reports that after sampling a beet and apple salad for the first time, students made additional trips to the salad bar for more of this root vegetable eaten most often for athletic performance.

Students who lead active lifestyles also benefit from meal ideas for cooking at home and receive access to Aladdin chefs and dietitians for nutrition-related questions. For example, at Bowie State University in Maryland, Aladdin Campus Dining Executive Chef Eric Credle recently demonstrated how to prepare healthier meals such as arugula salad and pan-seared salmon on the school’s BSU-TV channel. Sponsored by the school’s Henry Wise Wellness Center, Credle is slated to be a regular on the show going forward.

In another example from a client site, Fresh on the Fox made-to-order smoothies are being offered at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Recreation and Wellness Center in response to student surveys requesting healthy, on the run options. Recipes include all-natural ingredients such as granola made in-house and homemade bases.

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