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Chartwells rolls out new concessions items for Texas State football season

Menu selections are designed to be unique South Texas takes on traditional football favorites.

Texas State Dining and management company Chartwells Higher Education recently invited school administrators, coaches, and local media to Bobcat Stadium to sample the newest items available to fans attending Texas State University Bobcat football games during the 2023 season. More than just exaggerations of traditional concession stand fare, the menu additions are designed to be uniqu, South Texas takes on traditional football favorites.

“People are looking for more exciting, more innovative products and I wanted to put my own spin on it that reflected my roots, which are in San Antonio,” explains Executive Chef Alberto Trujillo. “These are some traditional items with a twist. There was a lot of playing around to see what works. This menu is the result.”

“We want to make sure our fans have a great experience, and the food is part of that,” adds Associate Athletic Director Jeremy Stolfa. “Everything here looks delicious. I expect our fans are going to be very happy with the options that are being provided.”

“Changing up the menu helps to keep people coming back,” says Catering Manager Brittany Powell, whose favorite new menu item is the Ranchero. “You don’t want to feed people the same hamburgers and hot dogs every time they come to a game.”

New menu items include…


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