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College dining trending: Fall plans for top 25 dining programs; University of Georgia to push takeout

Marist College dining services and Sodexo move ahead with fall plans, Chartwells' NYU dining services prepares for fall and more trending stories

This week, Food Management tracked the 25 Power Players in the college and university segment, consisting of the 25 colleges with the largest number of meal plan holders across the country, to see what their reopening plans were for the fall. All 25 announced tentative reopening plans but nothing is set in stone as coronavirus cases surge across the country. 

What is clear is that all will have some form of dining onsite and all will abide by some general restrictions involving social distancing and avoidance of cross-contamination. Seating and dine-in options will be severely limited even at schools that will allow it, and all are expected to encourage takeout, with many deploying some form of preordering.

The University of Georgia, however, announced a push to move students towards takeout rather than dine-in. In fact, the (mobile) order of the day will be meal requests through Grubhub that will be picked up and taken away.

And, in New York City, Chartwells' NYU dining services prepares for fall—whatever it might bring. As the university brings students back to campus in the previous coronavirus hotspot, dining operations need to remain flexible.

See what else was trending this month in college dining on Food Management.

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