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College dining trending: Valencia College closes cafeterias and will rely on food trucks, vending

In this month's recap of the Top 5 most popular college and university Food Management articles, the top story was Five plant-based trends to follow in college dining. Plant-based dining seems to be a growing thing in the college market, with nearly eight in ten (79%) of Gen Z saying they eat plant-based meals at least once a week, with 60% of them saying they to eat more plant-based foods. Meanwhile, the overall retail market for plant-based foods has reached $7.4 billion—$5.5 billion more than in 2019. In response, Chartwells Higher Education, a major player in the contracted college dining market, has committed to increasing its plant-based dining options and programming across the 300 campuses where it operates, focusing in on some key trends driving the larger, rapidly evolving plant-based landscape.

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