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College Power Players: Georgia Tech

College Power Players: Georgia Tech

A special report from FM profiles the dining operations at the U.S. universities with the largest campus resident populations. See all colleges >>

30. Georgia Technological Institute, Atlanta, GA

Dining Head: Staci Flores, general manager
Total Enrollment: 21,471
Students Living on Campus: 8,360
No. of Meal Plans Sold: 10,053
Annual Dining Program Revenues: $24 million
Cost Range of Residential Meal Plans: $993-$2,176/semester
No. of Residential Dining/Commons: 4
No. of Retail Outlets: 24
Management: Sodexo
Phone: (404) 894-2383

Sodexo has implemented its Mindful wellness platform at three resident dining and two retail locations at Georgia Tech. In addition, the company’s Simple Servings concept, which offers a menu free of seven of the eight most common food allergens, is now in two resident dining locations and the Fresh2 healthy/sustainable dining concept debuted in one this fall. (Both Mindful and Simple Servings have won FM Best Concept awards.)

Fresh2 offers fresh seasonal produce and half of all menu choices meet wellness criteria for reduced amounts of fat, calories, sodium and other nutritional attributes. The menu also includes additional vegetarian options and sustainable seafood selections. By offering more high-preference specials and fewer routine items on the menu, the concept expects to reduce waste, resulting in a more sustainable dining program.

Other recent additions include a Domino’s Pizza & Wing Zone for delivery and 10 gourmet food trucks that serve the campus on a rotating basis for lunch. A new Elite Events program at four campus locations offers premium “pop up” restaurants that provide a unique dining experience with authentic ethnic cuisines. Examples include Crave Italian, Seafood House, Meatball Mania, Bodacious Burgers, Stone Steakhouse and Meet the Chefs.

The dining program also is now allowing Dining Dollars declining balance funds to roll over from the fall to the spring semester to give students more flexibility.

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