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A First Look at UGA’s Dazzling New Dining Commons

The brand new Bolton Dining Commons on the University of Georgia campus has something for everyone. No, really. While that phrase can be overused, this dining hall comes pretty darn close. Whether you’re in the mood for brisket with all the fixins, tandoori chicken, Pad Thai, peach and pecan pancakes, a pimento cheese sandwich, a fresh leafy salad, vegetarian chili, hot wings or a hand-spun milkshake from a 50s diner, you can find it at Bolton.
The response has been record-breaking, says Jeanne Fry, executive director of foodservice. On the first day, the total number of meals served in one location on one day approached 10,000, a new record at UGA. Also the total number of meal plans sold has reached a new high.
“The first day we were open, we went through 45 cases of pancake mix,” Fry says. “And I’m not talking the boxes of pancake mix you use at home. There were cases.”
Fry and her team worked together with architects to build the new Bolton on a triangular piece of land that used to be a parking lot. In just under two years, the 56,000-sq. ft. building is done, complete with super-cool architecture that blends in with existing campus buildings, yet has more of a “country lodge” feel to it.
The 1,000-seat building features some great custom touches like hand washing stations, wifi, USB ports on outlets and “hydration stations” where students can refill water bottles. Places to sit down and eat are scattered throughout, making for a homey, cozy atmosphere.
And then there’s the food. Two floors of eateries have been going full throttle since the debut at the beginning of the school year. Check out some of the highlights here…
Photos by: Silk Bandanna

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