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FM On Demand with Tara Fitzpatrick: Breaking down the process of sourcing whole animals at Montana State U

The collaborative, hyper-local meat program at MSU includes the dining team, agriculture college, area ranchers and local 4-H groups. We talk to the program’s coordinator and the chef to learn about the process from ranch to dining hall.


Lamb, beef, pork and goat—whole animals raised on campus or right nearby, and turned into menu items and learning experiences. That’s the basis for Montana State University (MSU)’s successful meat procurement program.

In this episode of FM On Demand with Tara Fitzpatrick, we talk with MSU Farm to Campus Coordinator Kara Landolfi and Executive Chef Jill Flores, who take us behind the scenes on several components of sourcing whole animals. Benefits include cost savings, quality control, building community and campus relationships and student involvement, to name a few. MSU chefs work with local meat processors so the butchering can line up with the campus dining menu cycle. We also talk about some of the best menu items to use the meat, with a focus on Asian flavors for lamb. And finally, we discuss Montana’s newfound popularity, thanks to the show Yellowstone.


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