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FM Profile: Chuck Aldridge

President, National Association of Collegiate Concessionaires

Chuck Aldridge

When I complete my term in office, I’ll feel successful if I have helped increase membership by promoting the organization and providing valuable information and education for everyone to succeed.

Our members would like to see NACC continue to grow and to expand on new ideas from both small and large operations.

The NACC projects I am most intently focused on right now are increasing vendor opportunities, finalizing plans for the 2014 NACC conference being held at BYU in June and planning the 2015 conference at the University of Maryland.

My strongest professional role model is probably my current boss, Dave Bullock, although there are several different people I’ve looked up to along the way. Dave taught me a lot about concessions and took the time to teach me and others how to do the job the right way. He encouraged me to take over the operation when he was promoted.

My first job in foodservice was working in a local pizza shop.

The most important career decision I ever made was starting to work at the University of Maryland.
The biggest misconception people have about concessions is that it’s easy and we work six football game days a year!

I think my strongest personality traits are loyalty, work ethic, great listening and being a problem solver.

The best way to improve the image of concession food is by promoting and using local companies and by having healthier options in addition to the normal concessions fair.

Looking ahead 10 years, the biggest trend I see facing our market is the possibility of not selling bottled water.

The reason more young people don’t think about entering foodservice is the low pay and long hours. And it’s not a glamorous job.

People are often surprised to find out that I’m a volunteer firefighter and have been for the past 23 years. I’m currently serving as fire chief.

My most prized material possessions are model fire trucks.

Beatles or Stones? Not a huge fan of either. I usually listen to Metallica. Or Alabama.

If I could change one thing about the foodservice industry it would be to pay higher wages.

If I had to select my last meal on earth, it would be sirloin steak and a baked potato with butter.

If I could speak to my earlier self during freshman year in college, the single piece of advice I’d give to myself would be keep working hard and stay focused.

Away from my job, I most like to spend time with my wife and three kids. I also love to travel, fish and watch football, baseball and college basketball.

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