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Leftover concession ingredients become awesome quesadillas at Marist College’s new dining pop-up by Sodexo

Does it Dilla asks (and answers) the question: What isn’t great in a quesadilla? Here’s how Marist College’s Sodexo food service team adds fun to the fight against food waste.

In a food waste-fighting move, Marist College’s Retail Manager Nina Cantamessa wanted to prevent concessions ingredients from going to waste after a game, so she decided to offer students the opportunity to create their own quesadilla using proteins and other ingredients from the game-day menu.

Does it Dilla brings ingredients from the college’s McCann Arena into the dining hall, where a pop-up event features a live-action chef station with a flattop, ready to answer the question: Does it Dilla?

“We run this to surprise and engage students,” Cantamessa says, adding that the idea came about because students’ favorite item at a now-closed Mexican concept had been the quesadillas. “The fun part about this pop-up is that it is so interactive and encourages creativity and collaboration.”

Students can choose from an array of proteins, veggies and condiments to create their own customized quesadilla. So far, these have included a cheeseburger quesadilla, a hot dog quesadilla and a chicken-bacon-ranch quesadilla. Breakfast quesadillas and chili quesadillas have also been created, along with a few more. Read on to check them out!

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