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Major university dining operations cope with coronavirus shutdowns

The 25 universities in the United States with the largest number of meal plans sold have all suspended classes and implemented protocols for how they will offer dining services on campus. Here’s a rundown.

Facing the threat of coronavirus infection, the 25 universities in Food Management’s College Power Players listing, ranked by the number of meal plans they’ve sold last school year, have all suspended face-to-face classes and implemented—or soon will implement—online/remote classes, with most also urging students who can do so to leave campus and return home or to other off-campus living arrangements.

Meanwhile, campus dining services, geared up to accommodate thousands of students, staff and faculty until late spring, have had to make adjustments in operations, not only to reduce hours and service locations in the face of radically diminished customer counts, but perhaps more importantly to reduce chances of promoting transmission of coronavirus. To that end, most have eliminated self-service, onsite dining and even the number of customers who can enter the venue at one time.

Here is a status report on how Food Management’s 25 College Dining Power Players are dealing with the coronavirus threat.

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