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Metz Global Kitchen concept spotlights enticing flavors of the world

Globally inspired meals targeted at multiple onsite markets, including healthcare, education and corporate dining.

Metz Culinary Management, Inc. has launched Global Kitchen, a concept menuing a slate of meals featuring flavors from across the globe that aims to satisfy the appetites and broaden the palates of guests across the company’s divisions, including healthcare, education and corporate dining.

With Global Kitchen, the company is looking to leverage the rapidly expanding popularity of international cuisine that is being driven by trends such as…

• globalization and the increased diversity of the U.S. population,

• the rise of travel and social media food bloggers who expose readers to a wide range of international foods,

• the nearly one million international students studying at U.S. colleges and universities,

• the increasing diversity among healthcare employees where 34% of healthcare workers in the U.S. are college-educated immigrants, and

• the changing dietary preferences that entice health-conscious individuals to seek out international cuisines and food preparation methods

Metz is meeting this trend by serving up international flavors, ingredients and cooking techniques. Following inspiring culinary training sessions with Certified Master Chef Ron DeSantis, Global Kitchen recipes were developed by Metz chefs who come from diverse backgrounds.

“Our chefs studied culinary regions around the world extensively to identify unique regional cultural dishes, especially those that are plant-forward,” explains Hannah Alvarez, Metz’s division chef for healthcare. “This research allowed our team to create authentic and exciting recipes that we hope our guests will find delicious and healthful.”

Global Kitchen recipes include dishes such as the following…

• From India: butter chicken, toasted tikka masala, onion bhajis, chutneys

• From the Middle East: shawarma

• From the Caribbean: moros y cristianos (Caribbean black beans), Jamaican jerk pork, Cuban roasted chicken

• From South America: vegan arepas, picadillo

• From Mexico: birria tacos, made-to-order fajitas, Mexican street corn

• From the South Pacific: Hawaiian chicken

Previously a specialty concept, Global Kitchen will feature its own serving station as space is available. For partner sites that don’t have room for a free-standing serving station, Metz is weaving its global recipes into weekly menus throughout the year.

Here’s a look at some of the Global Kitchen offerings…

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