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One On One

One on One: Aramark’s Brittani Ratcliff brings fascinating fall flavors to campus

Leading the campus food program, getting married on Halloween, facing up to staffing challenges, creating fun global concepts and signature burgers, advocating for inclusivity in the culinary industry…Morehead State University’s Aramark Executive Chef Brittani Ratcliff is busy, and we caught up with her for a podcast.


In this One on One podcast, Aramark’s Executive Chef Brittani Ratcliff of Morehead State University talks about the challenges (staffing) and the joys (great food and teamwork) of bringing campus back to life this semester.

As one of FM’s Chefs to Watch, Brittani Ratcliff regularly shares with us special behind-the-scenes stories of what it’s really like to lead a campus dining program. Ratcliff has been doing what she can to build a strong culinary team, and she has lots of ideas to implement as the semester at Morehead State University turns into fall and winter.

A Halloween fanatic, Ratcliff has exciting personal news: At the end of October, she’s getting married in a cemetery (complete with fog machine for a spookily romantic day!). We also talk about the ongoing quest to dismantle the patriarchal vibe still found in some kitchens and the ways Ratcliff is raising consciousness about inclusivity in the industry.

Correction: October 24, 2021
This article has been updated to correct the name of Morehead State University.
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