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One On One With: Gearing up for the Olympics

In this episode of Food Management’s podcast, we talk with Terri Moreman of the US Olympic Committee on feeding our country’s elite athletes and the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Editor’s Note: Welcome to One On One With, Food Management’s podcast. Every two weeks we’ll share an intimate conversation between an FM editor and an industry icon or thought leader.

We’ll cover topics from hiring, new concepts, consumer trends, management and menu development. Or hear how an operator is increasing participation or meeting changing customer expectations. These one-on-one interviews provide peer learning at its best.

This marks our fifth podcast. Check back in in two weeks for our next edition of One On One With, and find more podcasts here.

There are few things that pull together a country like the Olympics, and for the past 31 years, Terri Moreman has been fueling our elite athletes. Moreman is the director of food and nutrition services for the United States Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs.

I met Moreman more than a decade ago on my first press trip covering the onsite industry and was so impressed by the work Moreman and her team do to make sure that each athlete performs at his or her best. With the 2020 Summer Olympics on the horizon, I caught up with Moreman on planning for the next competition and what it’s like being part of the Olympics Committee.

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