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Jonathan Bohn, executive chef with Sodexo at Marist College brought his daughter to the Poughkeepsie Farm Project recently to get some plant starts for the campus garden. The college is partnering with this farm, other farms and local hunger agencies to make the most of food’s healing power.

One On One With: Marist College dining services and Sodexo move ahead with fall plans

Sodexo’s Marist College Executive Chef Jonathan Bohn talks about hiking the Appalachian Trail and the decision to move forward enthusiastically rather than dwell on the semester than might have been.

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Hiking the Appalachian Trail (in segments, such is the life of a busy college dining chef) has given unique perspective to Jonathan Bohn, executive chef with contract management company Sodexo at Marist College. In the month of June, heavy backpack, hot weather and all, Bohn picked up the trail in Connecticut then made his way back home to New York State, where he’s gearing up to take on the school year.

Now, he’s ready to take on the journey that will be fall semester as college dining everywhere adjusts to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Menu planning is in place with lots of comfort food done right in a grab-and-go format. “You can sit there and cry about it, or you can move forward,” he says. Find out exactly how his dining team is moving forward—with a campus garden, thriving relationships with local farmers and food banks—on this episode of Food Management’s One On One With podcast.


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