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Sodexo dining team at George Mason University hosts super cool speakeasy event to celebrate late-night dining

Taking a page from 1920s gangsters, flappers and gin runners, this very 2020 special event officially kicked off the dining program’s new late-night hours.

The 2020s have started with a roar at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. Roaring into late-night dining, that is. A recent speakeasy event introduced an upgraded menu at Southside, the university’s official late-night venue. The Sodexo dining team kept this event a secret with only a mysterious invitation to pique students’ curiosity. And what could be more secret than a speakeasy? The Late Night Speakeasy Grand Opening Event was the perfect way to usher in a new decade of late-night dining.

Students were wowed by the new menu items, the décor, menus and the overall vibe projected by the staff and managers, who dressed the part and got the party started. “Wanted Food” posters throughout  the venue spotlighted the so-good-it-should-be-illegal new menu items such as chicken and biscuit sliders, meatball sliders, three flavors of pizza, a breakfast combo, salad bar and the students’ favorite mozzarella sticks. “Barmen” in fedoras served signature drinks, and props were available for everyone to get into the roarin’ 1920s spirit. 

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