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Summer pizza spectacular: 16 garden-fresh pies to try

Gear up for a summer of pizza toppings that reflect the growing season and the time for summer fun on the menu.

Make this your summer of pizza. The summer garden is a perennial source of profound inspiration to chefs, and what better way to celebrate than with a pizza party that lasts all summer long?

We’ve found summer pizzas that make most of a glorious growing season, making great use of pesto as a sauce, grilled veggies (everything from zucchini to summer squash to mushrooms, peppers and more) and stone fruits as toppings and raw arugula on top—there’s just something about that arugula on top!

Check out these inspiring summer pies that get their appeal straight from the garden, including chicken-pesto flatbread, a few different takes on caprese pizza, plus pizzas inspired by the farmers market, a summer in Greece, Creole tomatoes from Louisiana and more. Add that tangle of arugula and you’ve got a fresh perspective on seasonal pizza and a head start on your endless summer pizza party. 


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