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Sweet local honey event highlighting beekeeping program gets students buzzing at the University of Richmond

Beehives on campus provide research opportunity and recently contributed to lunchtime campus dining feast featuring honey-glazed salmon, baklava, honey-based drinks and more.

On the campus of the University of Richmond (UR), two beehives are buzzing between the Wilton Center by Cannon Memorial Chapel and the steam plant. This is a very local step in solving a global problem: Honeybees are in a state of crisis known as Colony Collapse Disorder, which could potentially affect the stability of all of our food systems.

UR’s beekeeping program was established to engage students and the campus community in watching bees, learning about bees and researching bees to help their plight. Eating delicious honey entered the equation when UR’s dining department got involved.

The Live Well, Dine Green lunch event last month at Heilman Dining Center came about after Director of Catering Joe Wolff and Biology Laboratories Manager Kirsten Berben extracted honey from the campus beehives.

The cool thing about using such local honey in recipes is the fact that a bee’s honey is flavored depending on the environment the bees are in, giving each menu item a uniquely UR flavor.

“The honey will have flavors from the blooms and clover on this campus,” says UR Executive Chef Tyler Betzhold. Items were paired to bring out the flavor of the honey and highlight what a great addition it can “bee.”  

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