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Take a tour of Southwestern University’s Mabee Commons refresh

Southwestern Dining Services by Sodexo overhauled the dining hall’s brand to match the university’s current branding standards, refreshing outdated materials, tweaking layouts, repainting and adding new signage.

Students at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, will have a lot to look forward to this school year when they get hungry: Southwestern Dining Services by Sodexo has transformed Mabee Commons dining hall into a newly branded “Southwestern Dining” with streamlined design ready for new life on campus. Digital imaging architect firm DIG Creative Solutions helped get the new look from concept to reality.

The makeover happened fast, says Michael Sanders of Sodexo Campus Services. “Regional leadership brought this vision to life in such a short time…Our goal has always been to provide an exceptional dining experience for the students of Southwestern.”

More than a makeover, the refresh features lots of new concepts for students to check out, including new menu items from Punjabi curry to sushi to bulgogi, crepes, poke bowls, Brazilian steak bowls, Mykonos Greek chicken salad and more. Take a photo tour of the new space where the culinary action is set to happen.


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